a rest finally

this whole week has been tough.like so much things happened.it felt as if it has been more than a week.looking back now im pretty sure it was moodswings that caused my bad moods.but then again,i was really in need of someone to cry out to,very much in need of comfort because of everything that ive been going through.school has been really unkind this week.all the mods were demanding so much except for music.but then again im procrastinating for my music journal.i better get started with it again.i think im 3 or 4 journals behind…anyway,yea finally friday is over.IM SOOO HAPPY.ok i meant like the morning.the test.not exactly sure how i will fare but i really dont know if i care about it.i really want to get over and done with it.i didnt even stay for lect.went for macs brunch with brenda and her clique.ok i mean friends.i know them too.edmund kelvin they all.it was a good time.cause edmund got us started w his esl debate on sex before marriage.and he was given the role of agreeing with it,poor him.he asked us for help so we had to act out the whole debate,me brens and kelvin ivan.so in the end i think it sort of became the real thing.hahha.obviously u can see who is against and who is for…but yea,i still dont understand why would people be for.but wells,edmund is just happy with the fact that he has enough points for his debate.hahahha.he is a nice guy i think (: i had a good time knowing mengyee too,dont usually talk to her in class but friday was a good time knowing her.and brens too (: really happy and grateful that she’s back in my life again.God is so good all the time.and even though we only meet like once a week,it feels like ive never lagged behind and it feels so comforting to share my happiness and saddness with all the time.its like a must-do weekly.thanks brens,and im really glad to have you (:

anyway,ems sent me a birthday card.like a wooden card.sooo cute.melts.

ok back to what i was saying,so after macs headed to town with them.they went to catch a movie while i went to get beefy’s present materials.hahha.its so funny,cause brens is celebrating it for her the next day.but she was there listening to me what i planning to do for her.SOOOO FUNNY.hahha.like two person celebrating one person’s birthday on a different day.but anyways hope they are having fun (: and yes had a hard time looking for corkboard.WHY SPOTLIGHT SO BIG NO CORKBOARD.and daiso’one was so small….so in the end i had to get hard canvas…and cause its canvas,i had no choice but to get gun glue.which leads to my point,i got scalded by it.i really was very careful with it ok,but really it just happened.and now my middle finger joint there still hurts,swelling ok.sian.but ok the final product is really pretty and im happy with it (: and i hope beefy likes it too.she has been indeed a joy in my life!we went to the tarafuku place at 313 apparently its a branch from tampopo.man it sure brings back memories.especially the milk pudding with caramel.so could feel you there.when you come back we must go there eat again ok (: i will feed u till you go back fat fat again.LOL

today has been slacker day.didnt do much work.so im going to do some now.in fact im hoping to complete all my work by tonight.cause tmr is mom’s birthday.as well as beefy’s birthday.as well as jeremy’s birthday.as well as shuyi jie’s birthday.WHAT A DAY.hahha.so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALL THE 27th MARCH BABIES.and im so proud of myself.cause i woke up to go for running.not gym ok RUN.hahha!and i climbed like stairssss like i took the stairs instead of lift!and i did situpsss too.pats my head,im a good girl (:


i used to have such colourful chicks too you know!!!!!so cute!!!

may your sunday tmr be has pretty and colourful as these chicks here.photo credit to msrach (: i think she was in bkk when she saw this.i wish i still had these chicks.alrights off to get some work done.and hopefully tmr i get some time to catch the hindi movie that ems says its nice.its called 3idiots…hahha.i know right.what a name.

and get well soon dear



10th March 1990

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