i should be heading to bed.but one last entry kk (:


i miss them

this will always be my fav shop

PATIENTLY waiting for my hair to grow till i can do this

i dont need to say a thing.the photo tells it all.GORGEOUS LIKE MAD

oh my oh going crazy staring at him.

this may have just became my fav flowers

i dont think i can ever have such nice body ):

i will get my husband to do this for me every morning next time (:

i like getting kisses on my forehead

i cant help it but to melt everytime i look at this

i wanna get that kind of sunnies,do i look good in those?

hahha,this is exactly one of the two things i'd do during school hols.books and hot drinks is bliss, especially when its nicholas sparks.the other is princess diaries ❤

i love you too

lea michele’s voice is sooooo good im jealous.hahha.its really so good!but anyway,this is a nice song.i like it alot.a bit emo but it is exactly how i feel sometimes.feel so stupid when i try to help and a mess is created.its so true isnt it.and you just keep wanting to try even though its hurting and tiring.regardless of how many times that i have to go through the same process.

id send out a wish and send up a prayer,and maybe someday someone will know that i truly care.

nightsy people.and happy birthday to all the 27th march babies.



10th March 1990

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