you are a hopeless piece of log

or either that showing some concern over my emotions will kill you.or maybe its just that you bother.

but wells,im coming out with excuses for console and comfort myself so that you wont think that im being demanding again.or i wont have to wait for you to say mean things im guessing its most likely cause of busy mount everest workload, and plus you are sick.

i can understand.

but it doesnt mean that i dont feel how im feeling.

i know he’s important to you.but i just wanna let you know that its a bit unfair for me too.i have been giving in.and there is a limit to it.and its getting abit too cant possibly expect me to close both eyes and not see a thing and play pretence that hey you know im okay im tougher than this.i know im tough or i should be tough,but it does hurt you realise.

in the first place you had two let me have him or to let her take him and cut all ties with not saying that you literally stop talking to her and okay if there is really a need to talk to her,but it doesnt mean that i feel fine with you talking to just not comfortable with it.


i wish sg had such places
i need shoulders to lean on
i really miss them
this reminds me i really need a new bed buddy, my tigger needs to retire

sometimes i just wanna have you to myself all alone.or should i say i just dont feel sorry.

i miss them alot, but i miss us even more



10th March 1990

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